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Transfer from Antigua to Panajachel

After arriving in Guatemala by air, the majority of travelers move directly to Antigua.  Antigua is the number one tourist destination in Guatemala.  It has the widest variety in hotel accommodation, restaurants, bars etc.  You can basically find any tourism related service in any price range.  All options are available, from the backpack hostel up to upscale luxury boutique hotel.

Once the sightseeing in the colonial town has finished, travelers will head for the Western Highlands of Guatemala because this area is still one of the more traditional parts of the country.  The most important destination in the Highlands is Lake Atitlan.  The lakeside town of Panajachel is the number one choice to use a a base to explore the lake.

To transfer from Antigua to Panajachel you have 3 options.  The first transfer option consists of using Guatemalan public transportation, also known as the chicken buses.  Without a doubt, local buses are the cheapest alternative.  However it might also be time consuming because of the frequent stops along the road.  Plus keep in mind that this is also the least safe option.

Tourism shuttle buses is another and safer way to reach Panajachel from Antigua.  Many smaller agencies in Antigua work together to provide a collective shuttle service to Pana at regular and fixed times.  Walking through Antigua, it’s easy to spot the latest time table for this service.

Private transfer Antigua to Panajachel

The third and most recommendable option is using a private transfer from Antigua to Panajachel or Lake Atitlan.  A door to door service just for you at the time most convenient for you.  This private service comes at a higher cost but its advantages are many :

1. Convenience
2. Privacy
3. Safety
4. Comfort
5. Optimize your time
6. Stress free vacation

You can find more details regarding our private transfer services from Antigua to Panajachel on our site Transfers and Transportation Services

Hotel Meson Panza Verde

Ever since I arrived in Antigua Guatemala back in 1996, this hotel and restaurant already had a rock solid reputation and was considered an upscale property in a very calm and tranquil area of town. I spent many nights enjoying meals prepared by Swiss Chef Christophe, mainly to satisfy my memories of decent European cooking. Mind you, I’ve nothing against black beans or tortillas but from time to time eating a meal that reminds you of home can lift up your spirits.

Hotels and restaurants come and go in Antigua, mostly because of the fluctuations in the tourism industry and the underestimation of time, effort and dedication you have to put in on behalf of the owners to make your business thrive. Nevertheless Meson Panza Verde keeps going strong. The expansion of the hotel by adding Junior and Master Suites has had a very positive impact on not only the hotel but has also benefited the restaurant.

Hotel and restaurant are watched closely by general manager Ingrid Thomas and her husband Jorge, both do an outstanding job and are largely responsible for the success of the business.
By keeping focus on the details and maintaining a high level of food quality together with incorporating new culinary ideas through monthly specials, Meson Panza Verde is definitely a restaurant you need to check out on your (next…) visit of Antigua Guatemala.

Guatemala – Top tourist destination in Central America

Guatemala offers a wide array of fascinating destinations that will satisfy even the most difficult to please.

Lake Atitlan

Guatemala’s strongest asset is the perfect combination of history, culture and nature.
Spanish colonial heritage from the 16th and 17th century is preserved in towns such as La Antigua Guatemala.  The town was declared a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO.

Located in the northern jungle region of Guatemala, there are an incredible number of Maya sites. Some of these Maya ruins are easily accessible such as Tikal and Yaxha. Visiting other Maya ruins will require a bit more effort and you might need a four wheel drive and or motorboat to reach them.

The Western Highlands still has an authentic Maya population that is attached to their traditions and way of living from generations back.

The entire Pacific Coast is one black sand beach, almost untouched by development.

Guatemala’s strong potential is reflected in the statistics related to the tourism industry. The number of visitors for the first 4 months of 2015 is up by almost 4% compared to the same period in 2014.

This trend will no doubt continue for the remainder of the year and should be even stronger in 2016.

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