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Antigua NightLa Antigua Guatemala is nestled quietly in the Valley of Panchoy and is surrounded by 3 impressive volcanoes providing it with an excellent subtropical climate year round.

This Spanish colonial town with its cobblestone streets, small plazas, open-air cafes and quiet atmosphere will charm you instantly.

Antigua, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, provides the best examples of colonial architecture in its churches, monasteries, public buildings and mansions.


Many hotels and restaurants are located in restored colonial structures. It makes visitors travel back in time to the 16th Century when the city was founded and considered as one of the most important capitals in Latin America.

Antigua is a destination by excellence, focusing on conservation and respect for the architectural patrimony and the original aesthetics of the city.

Guatemala City

Guatemala CityGuatemala City, built in the Ermita Valley during the 18th Century, is the country’s center of commercial and cultural activities.

Important museums, historical monuments and the contrast between its colonial and contemporary architecture offer a unique and fascinating experience.

Guatemala City has grown into a modern, cosmopolitan city filled with new shopping centers, convention facilities and first class hotels and restaurants.

A city where the old meets the new.

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