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  • Honduras

Honduras is gaining popularity as a ecotourism destination because of its enormous wealth of natural beauty. The virgin rainforests and beaches aren’t yet bursting with tourists.

Places of Interest

  • Nature reserve Parque Nacional Pico Bonito on the Caribbean Coast
  • Mayan ruins of Copán
  • The Bay Islands

Pico Bonito

The nature reserve named after the mountain Pico Bonito has become the landmark for La Ceiba. This small city, located on the northern Caribbean Coast, is also a gateway for visiting the nearby Bay Islands.
Pico Bonito harbors some amazing virgin rainforest and covers an area that goes from sea level to as high as 8000 ft and boasts the largest change of altitude in Honduras.

The Bay Islands

The islands are heavenly to the eye, with beautiful beaches and green-blue water. The world’s second largest coral reef system extends from Belize down to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Originally the islands were used by British pirates as a base from which to launch raids on Spanish ships, today however they have all the amenities for an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

Eight islands and 65 cayes make up the Bay Islands. The three larger islands, Utila, Roatán and Guanaja, have become famous tourist destinations for divers around the world.

Roatán is an enchanted spot for vacationing and experiencing the exotic hospitality of the tropics. This island has a modern, well established hotel and restaurant infrastructure and is very accessible from mainland Honduras.

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